Solar LED Traffic Light

Solar traffic light system mainly include four parts:
1) solar panel,
2) solar intelligent traffic signal controller,
3) 100mm/200mm/300mm/400mm/500mm vehicle traffic light/pedestrian light/bicycle light/ countdown
4)storage battery

The solar traffic light system, don't need urban power. Everywhere have sunshine, can use it.And it's easy installation, no need for wiring
.Solar power, energy saving
.Using LED as light source, large view angle, long application distance and long life span
.Singal trasmission via GPS, no need to dig hole for laying cables
.Low cost of maintenance
Solar LED traffic light that can supply energy for modern traffic manage system conveniently, inexpensively and reliably. Without wire, top mounted solar panel will transfer solar energy to electric energy effectively, and store in storage battery. Only using this kind of green lighting fixture, can save the cost of electricity and installation charge. Compared with traditional traffic light, OPTUS LED solar traffic light is low power comsuption, long life span, much more effective, safe, reliable under extremely hot and cold weather.

After four years experience, OPTUS solar traffic light as kind of new environmental fixture has gained more and more good comments and reliance from our customer.
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